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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week Five | Everyday Photographer

I rented some lenses, one of them a MACRO lens:-)  I LOVE it, but boy my rings are BEAT up!  I guess thats what almost 12 years of marriage gets you:-)  I'll take it!

These rings are my boys names, on the other side their birthdates:-)  I LOVE these, I wear them everyday.  They remind me to pray always for them and be thankful always for the gifts that they are:-)

Trying out my flash with my niece MJ:-)

More practice with the macro:-)  This is my birthstone, my parents got it for me when I graduated Cal Poly.  I LOVE it!  I don't wear a lot of jewelry but the little I do wear I wear everyday, it just feels like me:-)

THIS smile melts my heart EVERYTIME!

Someday...Someday THIS will be my view from my kitchen sink, and our living room, and the patio:-) Someday!

Nothing says "it's been a good day" better than a bonfire and a SUPER dirty boy.  Yes he has freckles, but most of what you see here are NOT freckles:-)  I put them both right in the bath when we got home!

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